Single Ply Roofing

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If you’ve been in the market for a commercial roof for a while now, you may have realized just how many choices are available to flat roofs. Among our most efficient choices are single ply membranes, which we will elaborate on here. Your roof only needs a single layer of these durable membranes to get the protection it needs for years to come. To discover more about single ply roofing in Houston, TX, or to request an estimate, shoot us a call today at (281) 880-7482. We specialize in roof solutions for home, commercial, and everything in between, so you can count on us!

Single Ply Roofing Options

As with all roof types, you can count on different roofing types to boast different benefits, but almost every single ply membrane option can promise dependable leak protection, flexibility, along with UV damage resistance. One of the most commonly chosen polymers in single ply roofing solutions is EPDM. Due to the flexible as well as the lightweight structure of this polymer, EPDM roofing is also known as rubber roofing. This rubber roofing remains an industry favorite because it is produced in large sizes, which is ideal for reducing the number of seams on a roofing system. Among the other membranes, you can order from JLQ Roofing are TPO and PVC membranes. As thermoplastic membranes, both PVC as well as TPO membranes have heat welded seams which deliver proven leak protection over time. PVC is one of the ideal choices on the market for single ply membranes and provides better defense than EPDM.

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Single Ply Roofing Systems You Can Trust

To get a quote for your single ply roofing in Houston, TX, or to learn more, make sure to call our office by dialing (281) 880-7482. Our roofers have been in the business for years, and we are glad to answer any concerns you might have about the roofing process, as well as direct you to any other commercial roofing options you might enjoy. At JLQ Roofing, we work hard to be a single ply roofing company you can trust.